"Real-time alerts on your phone"

Free yourself of the stress of having to anticipate all these inconveniences with Mauritius Traffic Alert and enjoy the ride.
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No one likes to be stuck in traffic just like no one likes to be surprised by unforeseen road hazards. With Mauritius Traffic Alert you will be notified whenever a new alert pops up so you can plan ahead what route to take.

Features of the app

  • Receive notifications of alerts as soon as they are posted.
  • Post alerts so that other users can be warned.
  • Differentiate between different types of alerts like police controls, breathalyser test, speed cameras and traffic jams.
  • Specific details for each alert.
  • View the map of Mauritius with all the posted alerts so you know exactly where they are located.
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traffic alert Police Control Breath Test Speed Gun Traffic Jam and Other Alerts in mauritius

Types of alerts you can avoid in Traffic Alert

While the discerning driver would prefer to avoid all inconveniences on the road, there are some that they do not need to worry about or are simply not worth changing your route for. Speed gun on the road ahead? Slow down - the detour to avoid it could have cost you more time.

There are four classes of alerts to watch out for and a fifth ‘unclassified’ one for those hazards that don’t fit any of the existing categories.

  • PC - Police Control

  • BT - Breath Test

  • SG - Speed Gun

  • TJ - Traffic Jam

  • ? - Other Alerts

Get the latest traffic alert on your social media

Any alerts posted on Traffic Alert will also be posted on Traffic Alert’s Facebook page. If you’ve connected to Traffic Alert with your Facebook account, any alerts you post will be posted on your Facebook wall as well.

Grab it for FREE

Choose your native platform and get started. Mauritius Traffic Alert is now available on both iOS and Android device.

mauritius traffic alert free download on app store mauritius traffic alert free download on play store